powering critical operations for enterprise clients

Automated Reporting:
Analyze, Visualize & Characterize

Map content, discover trends, and reveal anomalies effortlessly with speed and precision.

Content Genomes

Organized, catalogued, and intelligently indexed classification for macro assessment and granular examination.

Textual Topographies

Visually mapped analysis and summarization. Quickly navigate and understand content.

Dynamic Reporting

Client Monitoring and Adverse Information reporting for immediate flagging. Automated risk assessment reports are both intelligent and fully interactive.

AI for Capital Markets

Transforming KYC, Client-Onboarding & AML Operations

Automatically aggregate content, organize various documents and generate comprehensive reports, utilizing artificial intelligence.

What Took Days Now Takes Seconds

Critical Know Your Client (KYC), Client-Onboarding and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) services are liberated from their primarily manual and expensive operational bottlenecks with artificial intelligence powered automation.

Adverse Information Screening & Risk Assessment

Effortlessly screen for potentially risky or adverse information, using machine learning.

Automatically search, read, and summarize relevant information with Intelligent Risk Reports. Bring systematic rigor to a highly subjective and expensive core operation of finance.

AI for Media

Discover What Moves Us:
Automated Content Genomes

Gain an unprecedented depth of insight into the context, themes and nuances of content. Understand what drives performance by characterizing patterns and attributes.

Amplify the accuracy of content production, distribution, and marketing decisions by identifying the frequency, concentration and location of thematic occurrences with precision.

Partnering with Thoughtly has enabled BBC Worldwide to gain a deeper understanding of our content so that it can be paired with the most relevant audiences.

David Boyle

Executive Vice President, BBC Worldwide

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